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Quick, Phone and Laptop Repair, Accessory Sale and Gadget Advisory

We are an online hub for the repair of phones and laptops in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Yaba, Mushin and Ikeja area of Lagos, NIgeria .

We also provide consultation services for our clients on the appropriate phone and laptop gadgets to buy considering their need, budget and desire.


We are into the repair of damaged or faulty  phones and laptops in Lekki, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Yaba, Mushin, Akoka and Ikeja.

Sales of Phones

We sell quality and affordable phones

Sales of Laptops

We sell quality and affordable Laptops

Sale of Phones and Laptop Accessories

We sell quality and affordable phone accessories



We have the skill sets to fix your phones and laptops. We operate with standards the industry demands.


We are ethical in our relation with clients. We are governed by the principle of good moral character.

Customer Relation

We value our customers. They are the reason we are still in business

Timely Delivery

We strive to deliver our service on time. Time,to us, is invaluable. When it is gone, it cannot be regained.


“I bought a techno phone from him and it performed so excellent, it is over seven months I got the phone from him and it was sold at an affordable price” 

Dhikrullah Sulaiman

“I had a problem with my phone screen, it was cracked and filled with ink. I was confused on who to give the phone to for repair. He gave me an entire affordable price different from other repairers. It was delivered the following day. I have been enjoying my phone since then.”

Babatunde Anuoluwapo

REPAIR PHONE’s CEO is an enterprising young man that deals with all mobile accessories and he’s a reliable person who doesn’t delay or handle work with levity hand. He believes in a proverb that says ;what is worth doing is what doing well.

Yusuf Fasasi

” I repaired my laptop and phones from zayn amazing solution, it was well done and I have been telling people about the company ever since then..their service was fast and affordable”



You can reach us on 081o3231168

Visit us at 163, Oroyinyin street, Lagos Island Lagos, Nigeria.

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